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Social Support

We have CSR program for South East Asian region and South Asian Region concentrating to Human Resource Development. We are able to make a suitable plan for your business style and/or motto, support CSR program’s implementation. We also provide cultural exchange program and higher educational instiution’s overseas business as well.

Each service menu detail is as follows:

CSR program in Asian region

We can plan an unique CSR program which contributes to Asian people’s development, matches to company identity, mission, and increases awareness of your company name to society. We will support implementation of whole program, including after-follow up services and results monitoring, reporting etc.

Cultural exchange program support

We will back up study program, cultural exchange program by collaboration with Human Link which has 20 years experiences in this field.

Higher educational institution’s overseas business support

We are able to support educational institution’s overseas activities by total coordination and consultation such as market survey, partner university/educational institution’s list up, supporting joint research project, student exchange program etc.