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Research methodology

We provide various research services both for B to B and B to C such as:B to B: Market size, Industry Survey, Competitors Survey B to C: Qualitative- Focus Group Interview, In Depth Interview, Ethnography Research Quantitative- Web based questionnaire, Central Location Test For B to B research, we have strong partnership with individual consultants/researchers/analysts in all over the Asia and for B to C research, we collaborate with local partner research companies in each country.

Here are detailed research menu:

Each research methodology’s detailed service is as follows:

Country/City survey

Total Population, Population per income level, disposable income, Macro Economic Indicators, Particular Industry or product’s market size analysis, market trend and/ or major player of particular industry or product/service can be covered.
We will propose customized research plan based on each customer’s needs. If you want to know any other things in the target market area/country, please feel free to contact us.

Competitors’ survey

Market Competitor’s survey

We will survey various essential information to enter into the target market before entry, such as target market size, market trend, major players and their company history, managing director’s character, major SKU line-up, product cycle, price range and/or production site (factory).

Partner Survey and Business Meeting Support

Potential partners list-up

Suitable partner(s) might be differed depending to own company’s size, management style, target business and/or things to ask partner(s). We will find your partner by following process:

- Listing up partners (long-list)

Listing up potential partners based on customer’s needs

- Focusing on high-potential partners (short-list)

From the “long-list” companies, focusing on high-potential partners which the customer want to contact, doing pre-interview. Based on pre-interview, if the potential partner is also wishing to collaborate, we are able to make appointment for business discussion upon customer’s request. We will support your business discussion in Asian countries by local translator/coordinator.

Focus Group Interview

Based on customer’s research topic, we are able to do interviewees recruiting, FGI date’s total management, moderation, interpretation, venue arrangement by collaboration with partner research company in each country.

In-Depth Interview

We are able to implement interview based on customer’s research topic and interest. Following services can be covered: Arranging interviewer and interviewees, language support, reporting, tape recoding and making transcript.

Web based questionnaire

Through partner web-panel holders, we are able to do web based questionnaire survey. Based on research topics, we can develop questionnaire, hosting questionnaire page, collecting answers from target segment people, counting and summarizing, making analysis report.

Ethnography Research

We are able to visit houses and see actual life style for certain period based on customer’s needs.