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We sill strongoly support your business trip, inspection tour, event management by our coordination services in Asia and the world. For business trip support, we will make appointments based on your purposes (including listing up of appointment counterparts), support linguistic support.
We will support various activities such as inspection tour, event organization in Asian region with local partners who can speak fluent English in each area.

Here are our coordination service items:

Here is each service item details:

Business trip support, Appointment coordination

It is much difficult and taking time than you imagine, to make effective and efficient schedule.
We will do total support for your business trip by various services such as: Potential appointment counterparts’ listing-up, making appointment (incl. making official letter, follow-up telephone call etc), accompaning appointment and supporting linguistic aspect. We are also able to go to your visited places to do following-up your business.

Inspection tour support

We will able to make list of places to visit based on your purposes and do coordination for your tour to make your visit fruitsful one.

Exhibision support

If you are thinking to join exhibition as an exhibitor, it is highly recommended to know the exhibisiton venue country’s culture and business manners. We can dispatch local cordinator/supporter who can speak English and support your business discussion with exhibition participants.

Event organization

Total coordination for overseas event/serminar/symposium support

To implement event, seminar or symposium outside of your country, it is required local area knowledge and needed to spend much time. We collaborate with a professional company for event management “e-side inc.” and provide total support such as event planning, venue arrangement, speaker arrangement, participants management, event promotion, event goods and brochures production.