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rain specialist enrollment

Job description and conditions

We are happy to accept specialist’s enrollement to rain’s network. Specialist living in Japan or other Asian region who can speak local language and English and/or Japanese.


Depending on each particular project


Depending on project. We will pay project basis (not monthly salary)

*We do not promise to commission any project even you enroll to rain’s specialist network. It is depending to our client’s needs.

Conditions (if you are eligible any single condition from following list, you are eligible.)

  • - Who lives or lived in the past in south-east Asian region or southern Asian region.
  • - Who can speak local language and English (or Japanese)方
  • - Who have deep knowledge for particular country business culture.
  • - Who is a specialist of some of our service menu such as research methodology or coordination skills (please refer service menu page)

We want to collaborate not only full-time worker but also part time worker who can not work full-time due to maternity leave, elderly care or other reasons. We wish to support each specialist’s work style flexibly.
We are waiting for your enrollment.

Working hour

Depending on the project

Working venue

Not specified
(Basically by Email/telephone basis.)

Other expenses support

Transportation charge for research/coordination activities etc.

Please contact us if you are interested in the enrollment.

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